2009 P.I.H.A. Championship

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This year the PIHA in their eighth season have the Connecticut Blaze battling against the Colorado Thunder for the Founders Cup. The games are scheduled to take place at Midwest Sport Hockey in Ballwin, MO. With the action kicking off this Friday May29th at 7:30 PM with games following at 8:30 PM, Saturday at 7:30 PM, Saturday 8:30 PM, Sunday at 12:00 PM, Sunday at 1:00 PM, and Sunday at 2:00 PM as needed. This best of seven series should be a long fought battle for both teams who are both hungry to be called 2009 PIHA Champions.


The Connecticut Blaze come off of a playoff round win against the lunatics in just three games with John Pinheiro making quick work of the lunatics where Pinheiro Scored the game winner in game one and in game two during over time. In game three he tallied a hat trick. With the scoring abilities and speed that Pinheiro brings to the floor he will prove a challenge for the Colorado Thunder Defense to contain. With last season the Blaze loosing in the championship, but making it once again this year they prove hungry and ready to do what ever possible to not go home empty handed this season.


On, the other side you have the Colorado thunder, a team stacked with big name players and skill. Featuring C.J. Yoder, Brian Yingling, and Mike Ciolli they have proven themselves in the regular season to be almost unstoppable with a record of 31 and 1. With Yingling being number one and Yoder number two in points and goals during the regular season the team is proven to create scoring opportunities. The thunder proved to make quick work of the St. Louis Cobra’s in four games to get to the championships.


Who will win? Will it be the Colorado Thunder of the western division who advance to the championship series for the first time? Will C.J. Yoder and Brian Yingling once again win and have there name added on the Founders cup for the first time since 2004? Or will the Blaze come out on top, hungry from their loss against the Phoenix Dragons in last season’s championship?

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