2011 Pledge and reflection from MLRH

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2011 Pledge and reflection from MLRH

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Dear friends, in whatever league, tournament or inline business you’re in or support:

As we approach the New Year, it is a great time for looking back, forward and making a few resolutions. For MLRH, the year 2010 has been the best of times and the worst of times and I suspect, that applies to many of us in roller hockey.

The best of times…

With our launch of of RollerHockeyTV.net, thousands of fans have enjoyed the opportunity to view our games throughout North America and world-wide.  With our broadcast team of Chris Madson (8 years Mighty Ducks and CBS Sports radio) and MLRH Commissioner Doug Jones, we are attempting to make the game fun again and build a brand for players and teams.  For reasons that I do not understand, we have even developed a cult following in odd places like Japan, France and Colombia (yes, Colombia!). –with more viewers in these countries than traditional hockey countries like the Czech Republic and Germany.  Go figure.

As a league, we have the best teams in America and our Pacific Division is unquestionably the best collection of teams ever assembled in a league format.

Today, MLRH is in a stronger position than ever before with the backing of every major player in the industry.  Special thanks go to Mission Hockey, Revision, Labeda, RinkTime.com and West Coast Hockey for their support.  Also, a huge shout out to  Eddie Limbaga and the gang at the 949 Roller Hockey Center in Irvine, CA.  They truly “get it” and share our vision for building the sport.

The worst of times…

Now the bad stuff.  2010 has seen a total meltdown in civil discourse and it is the worst we have seen in over 10 years.  If we continue to eat our young, roller hockey will dissolve into a level of bickering and rancor certain to diminish the game.   The gossip and hate peddling in the social network is killing the sport and discourages those who would back teams or invest in a franchise.   Players, team operators — even wives and girl friends have piled on and it only makes the sport look foolish.  Now is a great time to delete the hate mail from your computer and your brain.  This scurrilous stuff only demeans everyone and discourages well meaning folks from supporting a game that is in dire need of a jump start.

The MLRH Pledge

At MLRH,  we pledge in 2011, to speak no evil about anyone who is trying to build the sport. We support PIHA, AIHL, State Wars, TORHS, NARCh, MIHA, whomever we can to help build this great sport. We have long said that we have no quarrel with any legitimate league or tournament series.  Additionally, we will work with players and teams in any legitimate effort to grow roller hockey. We will not schedule events to conflict with any other league or tournament’s events. If all of us could join together in this simple pledge, wherever you play or whatever league or tournament series you compete in, we will all be the better for it. Rollerhockeytv.net is not exclusive to MLRH. We have interest in bringing our webcast production crew and broadcasting staff to anyone else who wishes to promote their products online and through this great opportunity! we are currently in talks with State Wars to webcast some of the championship games for State Wars 7. With Chris Madsen, the former NHL Anaheim Ducks play by play man, we feel confident we can bring anyone’s games and or events to the people all over the world who wish to watch it!

Let’s make it a great positive year.  Game on!

Bill Raue
President and Founder

Doug Jones
MLRH Commissioner
Major League Roller Hockey

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