Roller Player \ ˈrō-lər ˈplā-ər \ n 1.
A team of people providing an organized and optimistic website
on all aspects of roller hockey intended to inform its readers
and to grow a community among those in the sport.  2. A group
of roller hockey players assembled to inform others about the sport of
roller hockey and to help grow the sport.

Roller Player’s Primary Object:
“Help grow the sport via a news website and media outlet”

Our Story:
Roller Player was created and went live with our first new article on May 26th, 2009 titled “In It To Win It.” Our goal of the website was to give back to the sport that has offered us that administer the roller player website so much. The friendships we have made, the times we will never forget with other at the rink and the opportunity to travel and places we never imagined all because of a common interest… roller hockey.  Since the website was created in 2009 we have never faltered from our mission of promoting roller hockey and shinning a light on those who are working to grow our sport.

With always posting news articles from all different sources, readers keep coming back to find out everything that’s happening in the sport vs. visiting tons of different websites. Plus with our approach and focus not only highlighting just the big leagues and tournaments series, but also the grass roots movement and the kids readers are better able to connect , get ideas, and get involved in ways they themselves can grow the sport.

Recently as more and more content has been created and put onto the website, traffic has significantly increased, and we gained support from other groups and companies in the industry that has propelled our growth to the next level. With the help of other our site has become more active and is posting more articles than ever as more reader generated articles are coming from our supports, players, strength coaches, etc. who are involved in the sport.

Mission Statement:
Roller Player strives to be a recognized leader in Roller Hockey by providing current news in the sport in an unbiased fashion, maintaining an optimistic view, and creating an outlet where positive thinking and ideas can highlighted

Empowering the growth and success of roller hockey through news and informational articles.

Who We Are:
Roller Player is ran by hockey players for hockey players. The team of us that oversee and administer the website choose to be anonymous since the majority of us currently play roller hockey competitive in the premier leagues and the different tournaments series. This way, with no one knowing the people that exactly run Roller Player, it cannot impact or effect our playing in any way, either positively or negatively. We hope you understand where we are coming with in regards to are stance of staying anonymous. If you do find out or figure out the people that do run Roller Player, we ask that you please do not tell others or publicize it.