AIHL Players Perspective with Mike Urbano

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AIHL Players Perspective with Mike Urbano

Published on November 08, 2010 with No Comments As most everyone knows, your HB Elite won the AIHL Elite Championship last season, what was the toughest or most memorable hurdle in accomplishing that?
MU: Our division out here in the Pacific South division is so tough, we have such a strong talent pool that every game is close and hard fought.  So just being able to make it out of our division was a huge hurdle. What do you think you and your teammates need to do to repeat this year?

MU: Well we have made a few roster changes and added some new players, so we will have to form the team unity we had last year.  All the players have played or are still playing tournaments and they all agreed that the group of guys we had last year in Florida made the trip one of the most memorable. Who are some of your favorite teammates on the HB Elite and why?

MU: Well it really puts me on the spot to just pick one, but I would have to say it would be our old Veteran Chad (Dad) Seibel.  He was by far the glue that held our team together on and off the rink. He was always cracking jokes and was the butt of a few, however he always kept our team laughing and in good spirits.  Not to mention that when we were down or a close game, we would all looked to him to lead us through. Now we all know goalies are a little quirky, do you have any strange pre-game, in game, or post game habits or rituals that some might classify as your quirk?

MU: Would you consider sacrificing a live chicken before every game quirky?  I really don’t have anything to quirky just a hot shower before games to wake me up is ideal and always putting my gear on left to right.  But that is pretty much it for me. Not only did you win the AIHL Championship, but you represented the USA as the starting goalie for team USA in Czech last year, what kind of honor is that and how do you rate that experience compared to anything else you have done in inline hockey?

MU: Representing the USA is the highlight of my hockey career (if you would call it a career).  I have had the honor the last three years and thanks to a great team in front of me, won a few gold medals.  Playing in the World Championships, in the World Games, and wearing the USA jerseys is just amazing.  Just being around so many great hockey players from around the world is amazing.  The crowds and the fans at the games are like nothing over here in the states. It makes the games so much more fun to play. As a goalie in the AIHL, who are some of the toughest players you have played against in the league?

MU: There are so many talented players in the league its hard to just name a few.   If I had to say just one, I’d have to say the most feared guy in our division is Mishka Drury (pama Cyclones).  He can shoot the puck and also crush a few skulls if it is needed. This year the league will feature an all-star game, do you see yourself in this game and who are some of the other goalies in the league that you respect as all-star caliber goalies?

MU: If I earn a spot in the all star game I would be honored to play in it.  I don’t think there are any goalies that don’t deserve to play in it because we all know the goalie makes the team what it is (laughs).  One of the best goalies in my opinion in the league is Troy Redman (Pama Cyclones), he is always a hard goalie to beat. Any goalie wearing REEBOK gear should be placed in just on that.

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