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    NARCh East Coast Winternationals Info

    The East Coast Winternationals is next up on our schedule and we’re excited to head to North Carolina for the first time for a major event. The event takes place Feb 18th-20th at Dreamsports Center…

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    Calling it a wrap on Day 1 WINTERNATIONALS

    Here’s who got out to a quick start today and a little about a guy in NARCh Pro It’s after 10pm here at the Silver Creek Sportsplex and we’ve been going strong for about 16…

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    Narch News November

    The start of the NARCh Season is right around the corner and we have a lot of information to share.   The West Coast Winternationals will be held on January 13th-16th at the Silver Creek Sportsplex. …

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    Upcoming NARCh Events

    2012 Tournament Dates Here is a preliminary list of important tournament dates so your teams can start preparing for NARCh in 2012! The Regional Qualifying Schedule will be released in Oct/Nov. WEST COAST WINTERNATIONALS –…

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    Snipers Take Narch Pro

    Snipers capture Pro Title and Crazy Kyle has one heck of an afternoon. What a CRAZY day! We’ve still got a half a day of hockey tomorrow to put the cap on this wonderful event,…

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    This is What Makes it all Worth it

    I field a lot of phone calls and emails throughout the season about player additions, qualifications, and eligibility. 9 times out of 10 the answer is in the rules and the person is just hoping…

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    2011 NARCh FINALS schedule

    The 2011 NARCh FINALS schedule can be found on the the NARCh website here. The coaches meeting schedule is also included on the first page. If you are a coach or team representative, please make…

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    Register For NARCh Nationals By Friday

    NARCh FINALS REGISTRATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY THIS FRIDAY to avoid the late fee. The deadline has been on the site for months and June 17th is now just a few days away. The registration…

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    NARCh Escondido Regional Recap

    What a great weekend at the Escondido Sports Center. Thanks for being part of it! We would visit North San Diego for our last west coast regional qualifier. 36 teams would call the Escondido Sports…

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    Going To NARCh Finals? This is a must read!

    The following is all important information regarding NARCh FINALS. Original Birth Certificates are a must! Every year some people think that we will flex on this. Please inform your team that if a player is…