Brad from TOUR talks about his life in Roller Hockey to State Wars!

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Brad from TOUR talks about his life in Roller Hockey to State Wars!

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Brad Brussatti of Tour Hockey has been a key supporter of State Wars Hockey and has been to every single State Wars summer event. Not only does he play a role in the day to day operations but he also finds time to travel to tournaments all over North American to show off the Tour line. Make sure you stop by the booth and chat with Brad or Eddie to see what is new with Tour Hockey.

SW Hockey: How long have you been with Tour Hockey for?

BB: August of 1999, so over 11 years now… going on 12. Sheesh, I’m getting old!

SW Hockey: Yes you are! HA

SW Hockey: What is your job title and what does it entail? What makes your job so great?

BB: Inside Sales Mgr./ Account Mgr./ Product Mgr.

When I’m in the office I do a lot of different things. I’m primarily a liaison working with sales reps, dealers, accounts and also consumers. I work with them on orders, product information, specials, programs, warranty and really anything I can in order to help them get Tour product and/or information. I also work closely with all of our Tour sponsored organizations/teams across the US and Canada. I help make sure they get what they need throughout the year. Something I’ve really enjoyed working on the last couple of years is our custom jersey and glove program. I have a background in architecture and design, so doing custom jersey and glove designs helps to stimulate the creative side of my brain. What makes my job great is that I get to be involved in many aspects of our business. From sales, to promotions, to product design/development, to attending events like State Wars speaking directly with consumers about our product and the great sport of inline hockey.

SW Hockey: What are your goals for the 2011 season?

BB: We want to continue doing our part to promote the sport and help grow the sport whenever, wherever possible. We are the only pure inline hockey company out there and we want everyone to know it. However, there’s plenty of areas Tour product isn’t easily available. I would really like to change that.

SW Hockey: What goes into designing your hockey line? Who is part of the design team?

BB: Designing product comes from several different areas. We have players, designers, and manufacturers who all help give their thoughts and ideas in the design process. Once we have an idea, or concept, we take it to the design team and have them polish it up. Then we have samples made and tested to see if the product works. The design team consists of the legendary Walter Frazier (The Prez) and a couple of graphic designers. Chad Seibel and myself are the experts (haha) that help out when needed.

SW Hockey: Over the years, you have obviously seen Roller Hockey evolve in different areas. What state in particular has really stepped up their game since their early years?

BB: I have to say Florida. I never really remember teams from Florida that could compete with top teams. That has changed in recent years and it seems like there’s a Florida team in the hunt in almost every division now.

SW Hockey: In your opinion, what is your favorite piece of equipment in the 2011 line?

BB: No question it’s the new THOR skates. They’re light, fit great, feel like a skate should feel and perform better than anything I’ve ever had on my feet. We also have a really sweet new lightweight nylon hockey glove with embroidered logos that I’m really excited about.

SW Hockey: I know you have been to State Wars every year since we started the program back in 2005. Which event sticks out in your mind the most?

BB: Without a doubt the very first year in Bensenville, IL. It was so new and fresh. The excitement in the building was something I hadn’t seen for a while. The way kids and families bonded together to cheer for not only their team, but any team playing for their state. I specifically remember the first awards ceremony I watched… it was awesome to see how excited the kids were to hear their state get announced.

SW Hockey: Most people don’t know this but you actually play for Team Missouri in the Masters 35 division. What do you and your teammates think about the event? Last year we had a record number of 17 teams in the Masters division, What do you think makes this division so large?

BB: We have to go there huh? It’s an easy answer… we absolutely love playing at State Wars! We love it for the competition. Unfortunately, we all reach a point where it’s difficult to find a place to compete. State Wars gives us a chance to do that and there’s always great competition. As for the number of teams playing 35+… I think because there’s different divisions for us “old timers” to play in makes more teams feel comfortable making the commitment. No matter what caliber team you have, you’re still able to play in a division where you can compete.

SW Hockey: State Wars players from all over are very curious about the 2011 State Wars custom pants that Tour designs. Can you give us a hint in what they will look like?

BB: I should tell you these will be the best looking State Wars pants Tour has ever made! However, I actually haven’t seen them yet. Sorry!

SW Hockey: We greatly appreciate your loyalty and support from over the years and can’t wait for another great year at State Wars 7!

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