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    NARCh East Coast Winternationals Info

    The East Coast Winternationals is next up on our schedule and we’re excited to head to North Carolina for the first time for a major event. The event takes place Feb 18th-20th at Dreamsports Center…

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    Calling it a wrap on Day 1 WINTERNATIONALS

    Here’s who got out to a quick start today and a little about a guy in NARCh Pro It’s after 10pm here at the Silver Creek Sportsplex and we’ve been going strong for about 16…

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    Narch News November

    The start of the NARCh Season is right around the corner and we have a lot of information to share.   The West Coast Winternationals will be held on January 13th-16th at the Silver Creek Sportsplex. …

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    Upcoming NARCh Events

    2012 Tournament Dates Here is a preliminary list of important tournament dates so your teams can start preparing for NARCh in 2012! The Regional Qualifying Schedule will be released in Oct/Nov. WEST COAST WINTERNATIONALS –…

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    Snipers Take Narch Pro

    Snipers capture Pro Title and Crazy Kyle has one heck of an afternoon. What a CRAZY day! We’ve still got a half a day of hockey tomorrow to put the cap on this wonderful event,…

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    Mission AKS Empire Rules Division 1

    PJ Kavaya provides the OT heroics and gives AKS their first Finals victory. Through the regional season I got to see most of the Mission AKS Empire. When all the guys get together for a…

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    Three More Champs and More

    High School, Men’s Gold and Silver have new champions and we start the Division 1 and Midget Platinum brackets today First congrats of the morning go off to the Lancaster Redskins on winning the High…

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    Defense First NARCh Finals 2011

    Though a forgotten position at times…Here is something to restore the hope and let all the “D” know there are doing a good job There are tons of highlight reels. They include some great moves…

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    This is What Makes it all Worth it

    I field a lot of phone calls and emails throughout the season about player additions, qualifications, and eligibility. 9 times out of 10 the answer is in the rules and the person is just hoping…

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    4 More Champions Crowned at 2011 NARCh Finals

    Gold Divisions might be starting but all eyes were on 4 close champioship games on the arena. Today we had some tight semi-final games in Mite Platinum and Gold. The St Louis Tour Blast upset…