Going To NARCh Finals? This is a must read!

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The following is all important information regarding NARCh FINALS.

Original Birth Certificates are a must!

Every year some people think that we will flex on this. Please inform your team that if a player is not on the POA and shows up without an acceptable document, which is an original birth certificate, passport, or drivers license, that player will not be allowed to play. It’s a black and white issue, they either have it or they don’t. We will not be guilt tripped into making exception. There is plenty of time between now and the FINALS to get this taken care of. If you’re a team rep, or on a team with players that you know don’t have proper documentation, you should stay on top of them until this gets resolved.

Every Player Must Qualify:

Here’s a few very big no-no’s. Do not sign the roster for someone else. Even though the intent may not be to cheat, it’s still forgery. If a player does not attend a qualifier he/she is not qualified to participate in the NARCh FINALS at the gold, silver, or club levels. Platinum is open, so players that didn’t qualify can be added.

The last time we were in Florida we caught a kid that was playing gold but did not attend the regional qualifier. He was on a regional roster, but we did some research and he did not attend. After some questioning, we knew he did not attend, even though his coach and father tried to cover up for him, making the matter even worse. That team forfeited their game that they already played and the player was not able to continue competing.

Upon check-in at the FINALS we compare every single roster to the regional roster that the team qualified with. If something seems a little off, we research it.

We take our rules very seriously and we have no problem making an example out of someone that tries to cheat the system.

Seeding Insight:

The last few weeks we’ve been running into a common trend, teams wanting to be seeded lower than they belong. This is always a hot topic. Our job is to get you in the right division. We don’t want teams to blow others out, and we also don’t want teams to get blown out. We are the only people that see teams from all over the continent and know the level of play going on in each given age category. In some cases it’s a matter of a team truly sandbagging and wanting to win at all costs, but in most cases people just have a misconception of the level of play.

If a team or two decide not to come because they feel they are seeded wrong, so be it. We would rather lose a few teams and have a balanced division than the alternative. The main point is to have some trust in us and the system in place. We’ve been doing this for a long time and have a long history of getting it right.

Also, you should not book travel and make arrangements until the team is seeded. Just because where we seed the team does not fit with your travel plans that you made based on an assumption, this doesn’t justify us putting your team in a division that they don’t belong in.

We want everyone to have an enjoyable NARCh FINALS Experience and these strict rules help assure that. We’re sure that most of you understand, agree, and appreciate the efforts we go through. We thank you for understanding!

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