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IHP readers and fans… I would like to apologize for us taking such a irresponsible lapse on our blog and site… we have been busy.

I usually hate when people say they are too busy… cause, who really is?? Well, we really were. Eric works full time training hockey players and figure skaters (no he isn’t weird, trust me, these girls can lift and it’s a great sport to be involved with business wise).

I have also been all over the map, LITERALLY. I was in the LA area working for AAU during the JO’s and training for Team USA. I left LA and went straight to Philly, practiced with the USA team, hopped on a plane and went to the Czech Republic for the FIRS world championships. Wow. Time changes, airport food, and crappy beds = worn out already.

Czech Republic = lots of history, beautiful women ( although wish they would use deodorent), terrible weather, great hockey fans. Good food, sometimes.

We won the 2010 FIRS world title. 2 years in a row for Eric and I. We pat our selves on our backs already, dont worry..

After this, we flew home. I got stuck in Philly for a night, yippee. Caught a flight the next day home and relaxed for 2 nights. Hit the track and weight room hard, and found out I was going to Narch.

Flew to Narch (San Jose, CA) and played for 4 days. Had fun, made friends, saw old friends, and then flew home again.

In case you lost count.. I went 3 hours backwards. 9 hours forwards. 6 hours back to Pittsburgh. 3 more back to CA. and then 3 more back home. So, when I wake up at 3 am and am fully awake… well, you know why.

So, tired of my boring talk… here’s the cool news.

IHP will have a booth at major tournaments next year. We will offer a lot of different services.. stay tuned.

Also, if you signed up for our newsletter.. look for the first one coming out this week.. tons of free info on weight lifting and hockey training.. if you have not signed up, DO IT!!! It’s def. worth it.

We also have a nice list of articles and good info to post over the next few weeks.

Finally, I would like to announce I’ve got a job with the Pittsburgh Penguins as an assistant strength and conditioning coach. I will be training all the penguins, well, assisting in training them at least. It’s a cool gig and I couldn’t be more excited.

Last but not least, if you live in Pittsburgh or Philly, we are planning several camps over the next few months (and this month). If your a high school program who wants some help, we are affordable and we know what we’re doing, but contact us now before we are booked solid. In Pittsburgh I will be working with Pine Richland and Shaler, and many more have contacted me.

If you have questions, as always… email for more info!

Inline Hockey Performance, is a website and buisness dedicated to the sport of Roller Hockey and strength training. Make sure you check them out at

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