Making Travel Team Expenses Affordable!

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Playmaker Apparel offers unique club fundraisers at zero cost to the teams!

Every year, parents of youth hockey players have two things they dread. The first is buying new equipment for the upcoming season. The 2nd is even more painful, the actual cost of the tournament season. Between team fees, tournament fees, fuel, and hotel stays, parents spend thousands of dollars each year to give their child the awesome experience of playing travel hockey. Playmaker Apparel, a new hockey lifestyle apparel company based out of Cary, NC is attempting a unique program that will hopefully help youth teams and parents battle the costs of travel hockey.

The program is rather simple and it holds many perks for the players participating, not to mention the obvious money it will save the parents. In short, Playmaker Apparel provides you with custom fundraiser catalogs that consist of their apparel in addition to your custom team apparel they design for your team free of charge. Your players then take the fundraiser catalogs around to friends, family, and hockey friends. They take orders and collect money over the next two weeks. At the end of the selling period, all the players turn in their order forms and money to their club fundraiser coordinator or coach. The coach then turns in the full club order along with the money collected to Playmaker Apparel (minus the club’s 35% share). This means your team now has their funds in only 3 weeks. Two weeks after orders are submitted, your club will receive their product. The manager/coach then distributes the apparel to the players and they take it to their customers.

A single team of say 12 skaters, 2 goalies, and coach (15) all average 10 tees sold, the team raises approximately $1,300 with nothing but time invested PLUS, your team has cool merchandise that cost you zip to have designed! Imagine if you have a travel club of 4-10 teams!

To check out the full details on the program, or to get started visit:

How is this possible? Simple answer, Playmaker Apparel is in a very unique situation that it can produce apparel for incredibly cheap prices without sacrificing quality. The prices are low enough that we can pass on huge percentages to your team. In fact, the entire company is built on that principle. Every member of the staff sells, designs, and works completely on commission. It is a company driven by trying to help the sport and allow players do what they love, play hockey. Every employee and affiliate of the company are travel hockey players themselves. They all care about the sport and hope to make a positive difference.

So give this excellent program a try. Your team will raise some funds, get cool team apparel, and it doesn’t cost a dime!

-Writen by Shawn West

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