MLRH Weekly Newsletter June 3rd

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MLRH Weekly Newsletter June 3rd

The Anaheim Bullfrogs took another step toward the plan to win the 2012 MLRH world championship as they announced they had signed Rob Sudduth to play for the team. Sudduth brings three years of pro ice experience to the Bullfrogs.

Rob Sudduth
Born Mar 11 1986 — Los
Angeles, CA
Height 6.00 — Weight 170 Grand Rapids Grim Reaper debuts site

The Grand Rapids Grim Reaper have launched their new website and will compete in the MLRH Midwest Division. Mark Pittelli, Grand Rapids owner and GM has assembled a strong contingent of Michigan and Canadian players as they get ready for the 2011-12 campaign. Andy Bilheimer, veteran MLRH standout, is one on the big guns for the Reaper. Bilheimer is a tough guy who likes to bang but also has a knack for putting the puck in the net. The Reaper look to be a contender in the Midwest.

Doug Jones talks with Josh Laricchia

You’ve won FIRS Gold, will we see you playing in the IIHF with Team USA?
No, unfortunately not this year.

Who do you rate as the five top inline players in the world and why?
CJ Yoder- is a legend in the roller hockey world, Gerry Osterkamp – is never fun to play against, Greg Thompson- is probably one of the smartest players ive ever played with, Itan Chavira – his speed is like no other you always have to know where he is on the rink at all times or he will make you pay, and one of my favorite players growing up was Chad Seibel – at his age he is still able to play at the pro level, I only hope i’ll be able to be like that when I’m his age.

You played against your brother, Joey this year, what was that like?
It was a little different thats for sure, I’m usually the one showing him and telling him what to do on the same team, but now that I was
playing against him I let him do what he wanted to do, and he did pretty well too, although I made sure that when he did something wrong
I let him know (laughs)

If you could summarize your playing experience up in one paragraph what would you say?
I’ve experienced so much playing roller hockey. from winning PIHA, to AIHL, and now MLRH, to winning juniors and Pro in the same year at Narch, to be giving the opportunity to play with team. USA in the World Championships and World Games in the same summer. But it all starts at the roots and the good old summer days when I was younger of playing hockey outside and practicing almost everyday, with nothing to worry about but playing.

You’ve won PIHA, with Arizona, MLRH with Mission and AIHL with Reebok, what’s next for Josh Laricchia?
Hopefully anoter Narch Pro title this summer in Florida and another MLRH and AIHL championship in 2012.

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