Narch Pro Round Robin Scores!

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Narch Pro Round Robin Scores!

Published on July 24, 2009 with No Comments

After round robin only three teams remain undefeated the Tour Mudcats, Mission Syndicate, and Revision RBK Buffalo Wings who are all 3-0. Who do you think will win? Will the Mudcats take both TORHS and Narch this year? Or will they once again take first after the round robin and fall short, taking second like they have become known to do? Or will an underdog team take it this year? Here are the scores from all of the Narch pro games so far: (Winner in bold)

Mission AKS Empire  4            vs.            ISCA Grizzlies 4

Savage Wolves 5            vs.             Tour Oakville Coyotes 6

Mission Syndicate 4 vs.             Original Six 2

LA Pama Cyclones 6 vs.             Detroit Mission Stars 1

Mission Snipers 5            vs.             Eschelon Reflexion 5

Tour Mudcats 8 vs.             Tour HPC Bladetape 1

Revision Buffalo Wings 2 vs.            USA Clinics 1

Tour Oakville Coyotes 4            vs.             Mission AKS Empire 6

Original Six 1                        vs.             LA Pama Cyclones 1

Eschelon Reflexion 3 vs.             Savage Wolves 2

Tour HPC Blade Tape 1            vs.            Mission Labeda Snipers 5

Detroit Mission Stars 8            vs.             Revision Buffalo Wings 9

ISCA Grizzlies 1            vs.            Mission Syndicate 7

Mission Syndicate 7 vs.            Detroit Mission Starts 1

Mission Snipers 6 vs.             Tour Oakville Coyotes 1

Tour Mudcats 7 vs.             Original Six 3

Mission AKS Empire 3 vs.            USA Clinics 1

Savage Wolves 2            vs.             Tour HPC Bladetape 7

LA Pama Cyclones 8 vs. Eschelon Reflexion 3

Revision Buffalo Wings 7 vs.             ISCA Grizzlies 3

Detroit Mission Starts 2            vs.             Mission Snipers 10

Tour HPC Blade Tape 4 vs.            Mission AKS Empire 3

USA Clinics vs. Savage Wolves

Tour Oakville Coyotes 1            vs.             Mission Syndicate 5

Eschelon Reflexion 3                        vs.             Tour Mudcats 9

Original Six 4                        vs.            Revision Buffalo Wings 7

ISCA Grizzlies 4 vs.             LA Pama Cyclones 2

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