Narch Pro To Begin

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Narch Pro To Begin

Published on July 23, 2009 with 1 Comment

As the 2009 Narch Nationals are now in full gear at the Hershey Center in Mississauga Canada it will soon be time for the puck to drop in the Pro division where arguably all the best talent comes and faces off against each other to decide who is the best! This year there are 14 teams in the pro division so round robin play will definitely be very interesting. The teams competing are as followed, Detroit Mission Stars, Eschelon Reflexion, ISCA Grizzlies, LA Pama Cyclones, Mission AKS Empire, Mission Labeda Snipers, Mission Syndicate, Original Six, Revision RBK Buffalo Wings, Savage Wolves, Tour HPC Blade Tape, Tour Mudcats, Tour Oakville Coyotes, and USA Clinics. With all these teams competing I think many very good games will be played. The first narch pro game occurs today July 23 at 10 AM between Mission AKS Empire and the ISCA Grizzlies.

The Full Narch Pro Round Robin Game schedule is:

July 23                        10:00AM         Mission AKS Empire vs. ISCA Grizzlies

July 23                        1:40PM            Savage Wolves vs. Tour Oakville Coyotes

July 23                        1:40PM            Mission Syndicate vs. Original Six

July 23                        1:40PM            LA Pama Cyclones vs. Detroit Mission Stars

July 23                        3:35PM            Mission Snipers vs. Eschelon Reflexion

July 23                        4:45PM            Tour Mudcats vs. Tour HPC Bladetape

July 23                        5:45PM            Revision Buffalo Wings vs. USA Clinics

July 23                        6:40PM            Tour Oakville Coyotes vs. Mission AKS Empire

July 23                        7:35PM            Original Six vs. LA Pama Cyclones

July 23                        8:00PM            Eschelon Reflexion  vs. Savage Wolves

July 23                        8:00PM            Tour HPC Blade Tape vs. Mission Labeda Sniper

July 23                        8:30PM            Detroit Mission Stars vs. Revision Buffalo Wings

July 23                        9:25PM             ISCA Grizzlies vs. Mission Syndicate

July 24                        10:30AM          Mission Syndicate vs. Detroit Mission Starts

July 24                        10:30AM          Mission Snipers vs. Tour Oakville Coyotes

July 24                        11:25AM           Tour Mudcats vs. Original Six

July 24                        12:10PM           Mission AKS Empire vs. USA Clinics

July 24                        12:10PM           Savage Wolves vs. Tour HPC Bladetape

July 24                        12:20PM           LA Pama Cyclones vs. Eschelon Reflexion

July 24                        2:55PM             Revision Buffalo Wings vs. ISCA Grizzlies

July 24                        3:50PM             Detroit Mission Starts vs. Mission Snipers

July 24                        4:45PM             Tour HPC Blade Tape vs. Mission AKS Empire

July 24                        5:40PM             USA Clinics vs. Savage Wolves

July 24                        8:40PM             Tour Oakville Coyotes vs. Mission Syndicate

July 24                        8:45PM             Eschelon Reflexion vs. Tour Mudcats

July 24                        8:45PM             Original Six vs. Revision Buffalo Wings

July 24                        9:35PM              ISCA Grizzlies vs. LA Pama Cyclones

Who do you think will come out on top? Will it be the mudcats coming off a 1st place at TORHS Nationals? Will the Mudcats battle it out against LA pama once again in the championship game, but with a different outcome? Or will one of the other teams come out on top? Let us know who you think will win!

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