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We are thankful and delighted that you have an article you are interested in submitting to be posted on roller player.

Before you send us your completed article, please read over the following guidelines we have set forth.

Article Submission Guidelines:
-Please submit your article using the Article Submission Form at the bottom of the page or emailing us at with the article in an attached word document or .txt file.  If using the submission form below, copy and paste the complete article into the form body titled “Article Text”. Please be sure to include your first and last name, email address, and company name, if applicable. You must submit all of this information to us before we can accept your article.

-If you are sending us an article as an attachment via email, please do not forget to include your first and last name and email address within the document.

-Authors should include a short paragraph of biographical information about themselves and roller hockey with their article submissions, as well as any appropriate and corresponding images, photos, or charts.

Article Content Guidelines:
-Your article must be related to Roller Hockey and should range in size from 3 paragraphs (half a page) – 5 pages.

-All article submissions should be original work. If you are submitting an article written by someone else, please indicate the original author, including his or her name, email address and background information.

-Please do not submit the same article more than once. We will not post the same article twice or two articles that are almost identical with only minor changes.

-We cannot accept articles with links to adult-oriented websites, including but not limited to websites that include pornography or adult-oriented sexual content. Articles with content that contains pornography/adult material, hate or violence-oriented material, or suggestive of racial intolerance or articles that advocate against any individual or group, have insulting, obscene, or degrading tones, or contain profanity. Articles of this nature are prohibited and under no circumstances will ever be posted

-Authors may include links to their own products or websites in their articles, but they must be live and not be “under construction.” Websites must be active and have content in order for you to link to them from your article.

-We highly encourage the use of proper English, spelling and grammar. Our editors will review your work to ensure it meets our standards, but you can expedite the process by carefully self-editing your material before submitting. Currently we are unable to post or translate articles not written in English. If English is not your first language and you are submitting news from outside North America, please email us at, state this, and we will try to work with you.

Article Formatting Guidelines:
-Pre-existing document formatting is stripped out during preparations for posting of articles on Roller Player so anything used for emphasis or decoration will be lost. Please note if your article contains special characters and/or symbols these may be lost during the process of posting your article.

-If your article includes any references, please add these at the end of the document. Be sure to include all pertinent information with references such as author name, publication year, volume number, page numbers, publisher, and publisher location.

Article General Guidelines:
-Your submission of an article to Roller Player does not automatically guarantee its publication on the site. We reserve the right to accept or reject any article based upon quality, appropriateness and our judgment.

-All articles submitted are considered complete and final, once the article is submitted. If your article is accepted, we may edit, abridge, or condense the material if/as we deem it appropriate.

-We work to provide article authors with the best exposure that we can, but we do not pay for content.

We try to post articles that are submitted onto roller player in a timely manner. However, please note, publication dates are not guaranteed, and the time from article submission to posting on Roller Player may be longer than some authors expect. You will receive an email when your article is slated for posting on the website.