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Published on June 01, 2009 with No Comments

I am sure others are in the same boat as me when it comes to training. Now that it is nicer outside and it is getting warmer I have started doing more of my training outside. I am a strict follower of my routine and try my hardest to train and practice following my routine to the dot.


What happens when the weather is bad? I train harder! Rather than not training, train in the rain and train harder. Windy outside? Go for a jog against the wind. Depending on the conditions I personally may cut out something like the agility ladder and do something else because slipping on the grass would be very likely doing ladder exercises. I believe that training in poor conditions help to build toughness and help push ones self to overcome challenges. How? Knowing that you trained when the next guy took off. This mental perseverance can really help kick in next time you go to that big tournament knowing that the guy you face off against took off all those days you were training in the bad weather.

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