Who are the Detroit Revolution?

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Who are the Detroit Revolution?

Published on November 13, 2010 with 1 Comment

The Detroit Revolution was founded in 2008 by owner Michael Farinelli.  Mike founded the Detroit Revolution originally as a league program based company that was dedicated to it’s players and participants through instilling the best experience and best value-based leagues in the state. Eventually, the adult participants would swell to 45+ teams per season on average.
From that standpoint, the dedicated players of the program, from the highly experienced pro players to the amateurs began traveling to other rinks participating in tournaments and other leagues. One misconception is that The Detroit Revolution is only an elite or professional level organization. We have many adult iron, aluminum, bronze and silver players that compete on the national level as well.  Admittedly so, it’s the PRO’s that receive most of the attention.

This prompted the promotion of the experienced veterans out of The Detroit Revolution to bond together and play some of the most competitive inline hockey opportunities available.  The Revolution would first take on Major League Roller Hockey’s PRO series, which was full contact and offered a $10,00 grand prize. The Revolution would enter all three levels of play, spanning over 36 players. The PRO team would defeat Chicago in what was a very successful opening season, capturing the MLRH $10,000 PRO Title and AAA title. After the season, Detroit Revolution and Michael Farinelli, along with his players decided to move to the PIHA and AIHL in hopes of a better experience for the players and the fans.

Most noticable is former Detroit Revolution  player Todd Orlando, who was a key player in Detroit’s MLRH Championship season in the PRO division. After defeating the South Carolina Buccaneers and the Chicago Rollersnakes, Todd Orlando was scouted by the New York Rangers from the NHL, and invited to participate in their prospect camp.  This resulted in Orlando now playing in a high level league designed to develop players into the NHL for the Dallas Stars.

After the combination of Labeda 6 Feet Under and Detroit Revolution, The combined squads would take on TORHS Nationals 2010 PRO Tier-2 division. After a disappointing loss to who would end up being the tier-2 champs, The Detroit Mission Stars, the Revolution would finish third out of 14 teams.

The Revolution are currently enlisted in PIHA and AIHL, and have no intentions of joining any other leagues at this time.

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  1. Isn’t there a way to post about an organization without taking swings at other Leagues? after all, we are all here to promote the sport. Doesn’t surprise me that Farinelli shows his true colors here once again….

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